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Are you ready to start your pole journey and
achieve great things
you never thought you could do?

Pole dance is great for everybody. And here's why... More and more people are looking for an alternative - or addition - to a regular gym workout, and have found fun, fitness and friendship in a pole dance class. You don’t need to be strong to start pole. You just need to give it a go. 
Beginner Pole
why pole fitness? 

Our pole fitness classes are not like your usual gym workout. Our classes are skills based which means you are always learning something new. There's none of that boring repetitive activity you see in a gym workout.

What happens in Beginner Pole?

Our beginners learn basic grips, spins, climbs and sits across a minimum of 8 weeks. Anyone can join a beginner course. What's great about our courses is you can progress at your own pace, and move up to the next level when you are ready. Get started today and see how far you fly!

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